[sldev] OpenJPEG usuable now

Guido guidoj at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Feb 9 15:34:57 PST 2007

On Friday 9 February 2007 08:35, David Fries hit keys in the following order:
> The last piece of the puzzle was based on a patch on jira by Hiro
> Sommambulist, VWR-66.  Without that patch textures decoded at say a
> 1/8 resolution would only take up 1/8 of the size leaving the rest
> blank and grow from there until it was fully decoded.  Some of his
> math didn't make sense to me, but it was enough to point me in the
> right direction.  I have some cleanup work to do on that patch as
> well.

The math is the same as in the codec that comes with OpenJPEG. The entire 
implementation of llimage/llimagej2c.cpp is based on that codec.

BTW on each call to decodeImpl(), encodeImpl() and getMetadata() in 
llimage/llimagej2c.cpp a decoder or encoder is completely setup from scratch 
and teared down at the end. This might be optimized by moving the setup code 
to the constructor and the tear down code to the destructor.

- Guido

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