[sldev] 64-bit client for Vista

Rob Lanphier robla at lindenlab.com
Mon Feb 12 17:05:20 PST 2007

On 1/25/07 3:04 PM, Mickey wrote:
> Introducing myself and stating an interest in a native 64-bit client
> for Vista.
> Mickey Lane
> Zephyrhills, Florida (US)
> Windows kernel coder (device drivers, file system filters, etc.)
> currently working on anti-spyware applications
Hi Mickey

Very belated "welcome!" to the list.  Steve Linden (cc'd here) was just
asked me "Have you heard of any folks in the OS community working with
Vista?", and looked back through my email to find your email to the list.

Have you had a chance to compile and play around with it?  What's your
(or anyone else's) experience running the Second Life viewer on Vista?


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