[sldev] 64-bit client for Vista

John Hurliman jhurliman at wsu.edu
Mon Feb 12 17:47:38 PST 2007

Rob Lanphier wrote:
> On 1/25/07 3:04 PM, Mickey wrote:
>> Introducing myself and stating an interest in a native 64-bit client
>> for Vista.
>> Mickey Lane
>> Zephyrhills, Florida (US)
>> Windows kernel coder (device drivers, file system filters, etc.)
>> currently working on anti-spyware applications
> Hi Mickey
> Very belated "welcome!" to the list.  Steve Linden (cc'd here) was just
> asked me "Have you heard of any folks in the OS community working with
> Vista?", and looked back through my email to find your email to the list.
> Have you had a chance to compile and play around with it?  What's your
> (or anyone else's) experience running the Second Life viewer on Vista?
> Rob

I've been working on Vista RC2 32-bit (haven't had time to upgrade to 
the retail version yet) and it works fine. I see the VWR-15 patch has 
been applied so I assume the official source release would run as well 
as the opensecondlife.org version on Vista. No experience with 64-bit 
Vista though.

John Hurliman

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