[sldev] Conferences/meetings/etc

Mathew Frank mathew at lifeart.net.au
Mon Feb 12 19:25:19 PST 2007

> I've got a bunch of work to do to put my calendar together.  I'm also
> going to try to sneak some Seattle, San Francisco, and St. Louis user
> group meetings in, not because I have a bias toward cities that begin
> with "S", but because the first two are areas that I work in, and I can
> piggyback a user group meeting  in Missouri or southern Illinois on
> trips to visit extended family.
Glad to see personal priorities given a mention ;-)

I am assuming you are attending GDC in San Francisco next month?  I 
think there is a 'games technology for business use' event just after 
that - though the name escape me.  I believe that Robin Eckermann or 
Paul Boustead will be there.  (I mention them because it was Robin that 
told me about the latter event - if you ask me what it's called I'll 
have to ask them)


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