[sldev] develop plugins using Flash

Daniel Aguilar dani at protozoo.com
Tue Feb 13 03:21:56 PST 2007

Hi everyone,

I just joined the list and read through the archive. I'm happy to see
there's so much activity on this subject (a plugin framework), as I've been
developing HUDs for some time now and it's clear to me that many things
could be drastically improved if run locally on the client side.
I'd like to ask if someone has though about the option of using the Flash
player for this purpose. I know Flash has some bad reputation as is often
related to banners and annoying adds, but it i's currently a pretty
efficient piece of software (as by last version, 9) with a powerfull
scripting language based on ECMA (similar to JavaScript) and many
visualization/communication tools to work with. It also implements some
different ways of external communication, both syncronous and async. Also,
there's a really big developer community behind it, mainly using it to
develop rich interfaces.

I have no skills in low level languages such as C, but I have worked in the
past with C guys working on the hard side and me creating the view layer
with flash, and it really is a damn fast tool for that purpose. I think it
is used via activeX, but the player is cross-platform and runs nice both on
Win, Mac and Unix.

Well, just wondering if it could be of your interest, as I'm really willing
to improve the client inteface.

Thanks to everyone for your work!

Daniel Aguilar
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