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John Hurliman jhurliman at wsu.edu
Sun Feb 18 22:30:38 PST 2007

Dale Glass wrote:
> В сообщении от 19 февраля 2007 02:28 Jesse Malthus написал(a):
>> I am inclined to say that this is pretty sexy. Will you be providing
>> binaries?
> Eventually, yes.
> Current plan for the windows installer is to ship just the .exe and added 
> files, and make it go over the standard install, plus some sort of switcher 
> to choose between standard and my version.
> I will announce anything of the sort here, so that we can standarize a bit, if 
> people want to do that sort of thing as well.

Here's an NSIS file I used for installing Second Life addons in to the 
current Second Life directory:

!define APPNAME "Second Life Addon"
!define APPVERSION "1.0"
!define SL_INST_DIR $8


InstallDir ""
InstallDirRegKey HKLM "SOFTWARE\Linden Research, Inc.\SecondLife" ""

OutFile "sladdon-${APPVERSION}-install.exe"

ShowInstDetails show


Function .onInit
; read the installation directory from the registry
;ReadRegStr ${SL_INST_DIR} HKLM "SOFTWARE\Linden Research, 
Inc.\SecondLife" ""

; Check for SL installation existence
StrCmp $INSTDIR "" 0 NoAbortInst
MessageBox MB_OK "Second Life installation was not found. Please install 
Second Life before runing this installer."


;Page directory
Page instfiles

UninstPage uninstConfirm
UninstPage instfiles


Section ""

File sladdon-${APPVERSION}.exe
File sladdon-readme.txt

CreateDirectory "$SMPROGRAMS\${APPNAME}"
CreateShortCut "$SMPROGRAMS\${APPNAME}\Uninstall.lnk" 
"$INSTDIR\sladdon-${APPVERSION}-uninstall.exe" "" 
"$INSTDIR\sladdon-${APPVERSION}-uninstall.exe" 0
CreateShortCut "$SMPROGRAMS\${APPNAME}\Instructions.lnk" 
"$INSTDIR\sladdon-readme.txt" "" "$INSTDIR\sladdon-readme.txt" 0
CreateShortCut "$SMPROGRAMS\${APPNAME}\${APPNAME}.lnk" 
"$INSTDIR\sladdon-${APPVERSION}.exe" "" 
"$INSTDIR\sladdon-${APPVERSION}.exe" 0

WriteUninstaller "sladdon-${APPVERSION}-uninstall.exe"


Section "Uninstall"
Delete $INSTDIR\sladdon-${APPVERSION}.exe
Delete $INSTDIR\sladdon-${APPVERSION}-uninstall.exe
Delete $INSTDIR\sladdon-readme.txt



John Hurliman

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