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Christian Westbrook christian at electricsheepcompany.com
Sun Feb 18 22:31:24 PST 2007

Hi Dale,

I was speaking with Rob about progress on plugin architectures for SL  
and he suggested something that seems actually to make a lot of  
sense:  if we could run your AV scanner as a plug-in that LL doesn't  
have to accept into their main code base, but that you can share and  
distribute through OpenMetaverse.org (we are changing from  
OpenSecondLife.org because of Trademark considerations).  He  
specifically mentioned your scanner as an ideal candidate for turning  
into a plugin, so I was hoping to speak with you a bit on IRC or  
perhaps in-world (wherever you are most comfortable) about how  
receptive you might be to the possibility of pursuing that.

Thanks in advance,

Christian Westbrook
SL:  Christian Prior

On Feb 18, 2007, at 8:50 PM, Dale Glass wrote:

> В сообщении от 19 февраля 2007 02:28 Jesse  
> Malthus написал(a):
>> I am inclined to say that this is pretty sexy. Will you be providing
>> binaries?
> Eventually, yes.
> Current plan for the windows installer is to ship just the .exe and  
> added
> files, and make it go over the standard install, plus some sort of  
> switcher
> to choose between standard and my version.
> I will announce anything of the sort here, so that we can  
> standarize a bit, if
> people want to do that sort of thing as well.
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