[sldev] Useful in-world services performed by a "headless" client?

Metal Wheaties metalwheaties at gmail.com
Sun Feb 18 23:03:51 PST 2007

Hi.  New to this list.

Has anyone thought of making a headless version of the SL client software
that a specially made account (avatar name) could use to make a scripted
CLIENT to provide special scripted in-world services?

For example, an avatar you give textures to (as inventory drop) that could
modify them in some way (e.g., something simple like colorizing them) and
give them back to you.

There should be no reason why you couldn't add a python scripting engine to
the client to allow one to drop on such a pseudo-avatar - for example -
objects containing python scripts in their inventory.  These scripts could
do pretty much ANYTHING you can do with the UI given proper hooks in the

You could also register such a service as an XML entity to provide services
via the web interfaces from scripted objects in-world as well.

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