[sldev] Let xmlrpc-epi use already installedversion of expat.

Phoenix phoenix at secondlife.com
Mon Feb 19 10:40:45 PST 2007

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I agree that a pre-configure patch is better. The content of the wiki  
reflects our build process and how we extracted the old and busted  
expat from xmlrpc-epi.

I invite you to post the alternate patch on the wiki since that is  
the best place to disseminate that information the furthest.

On Feb 19, 2007, at 9:36 AM, Guido wrote:
> The proposed method on the wiki changes the sources (while it will  
> build
> without these changes) and the generated Makefiles (they are not  
> present in
> the tarball). IMHO that is a bad patch.
> My patch only changes the input files (Makefile.am and  
> configure.in), so that
> the configure scipt properly checks for the presence of expat and the
> Makefiles will be generated correctly. It is still possible to  
> build the
> samples and test code too.
> - Guido
> On Monday 19 February 2007 17:16, Phoenix hit keys in the following  
> order:
>> Patching xmlrpc is already covered on the SL wiki as part of the
>> build instructions.
>> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Patch_xmlrpc-epi
>> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Get_source_and_compile
>> On Feb 19, 2007, at 7:46 AM, Guido wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> The attached patch is for those that experience crashes of the SL
>>> viewer when
>>> logging in at the point where the viewer connects to a region. The
>>> viewer
>>> crashes (seg faults) inside the local copy expat that comes with
>>> xmlrpc-epi.
>>> This local copy of expat is several years old and apparently buggy.
>>> The patch
>>> lets xmlrpc-epi use the already installed version of expat (the SL
>>> viewer
>>> itself uses expat too!), which fixes the seg faults.
>>> - Guido
>>> <xmlrpc-epi-0.51-expat.patch>

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