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Dale Glass dale at daleglass.net
Tue Feb 20 17:39:17 PST 2007

В сообщении от 20 февраля 2007 18:57 Mike Monkowski написал(a):
> You might consider adding it to the Debug console (Ctrl-Alt-D).  That
> stuff is not intended for newbies either.

But that's not really the thing. I'm just saying that I consider the full 
purpose rather too specialized. Like all sorts of interesting functionality 
that is implemented a plugin in firefox instead of getting stuffed somewhere 
into about:config.

My plan is to basically to add displays of useful information currently not 
available, but which could be obtained. For example, one thing that is 
already in the code is logging on the console the owners of sounds who aren't 
nearby. The intention of that is to help locate people who shoot from far 
away, while filtering out nearby ones.

So my additions to the client can be expected to be around those lines.

> Mike
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