Plugin architecture; was: [sldev] Avatar list ready for testing!

Mike Monkowski monkowsk at
Wed Feb 21 08:38:32 PST 2007

Dale Glass wrote:
> But that's not really the thing. I'm just saying that I consider the full 
> purpose rather too specialized. Like all sorts of interesting functionality 
> that is implemented a plugin in firefox instead of getting stuffed somewhere 
> into about:config.

OK, I see your point.

But maybe you could answer a question I've been trying to figure out 
concerning the plugin discussion here.  I can understand in a browser 
how plugins can be inserted in the stream of data and act as a filter 
for specific file types.  Would this mean that the SecondLife plugins 
would be inserted in the message stream between the client and server? 
Or would they work off of the local cache?  Or would they reference a 
class that had accessors for each of the global variables?


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