[sldev] OpenJPEG decoder update

David Fries david at fries.net
Tue Feb 20 20:24:20 PST 2007

Francois Devaux has merged changes into OpenJPEG that limits decoding
to the main OpenJPEG header.  That version of OpenJPEG is currently
in their svn repository.  A new release of OpenJPEG will follow.

The changes that were merged into OpenJPEG require a one line change
to my original Second Life viewer patch in VWR-123.  I've attached
that patch to the bug report already.  I'm going to suggest that now
is a good time to apply the patches in VWR-123 to the viewer source
tree.  I've received positive feedback from people who have tried it,
and the one Fedora Core RPM source package contained the original

The patches in VWR-123 need to be applied in the following order.


Note OPJ_limit_tags_for_decode.patch is has been obsoleted by the
version in svn.

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