[sldev] OpenJPEG decoder update

Ismail Dönmez ismail at pardus.org.tr
Thu Feb 22 13:01:20 PST 2007

On Wednesday 21 February 2007 06:24:20 David Fries wrote:
> Francois Devaux has merged changes into OpenJPEG that limits decoding
> to the main OpenJPEG header.  That version of OpenJPEG is currently
> in their svn repository.  A new release of OpenJPEG will follow.
> The changes that were merged into OpenJPEG require a one line change
> to my original Second Life viewer patch in VWR-123.  I've attached
> that patch to the bug report already.  I'm going to suggest that now
> is a good time to apply the patches in VWR-123 to the viewer source
> tree.  I've received positive feedback from people who have tried it,
> and the one Fedora Core RPM source package contained the original
> patch.
> The patches in VWR-123 need to be applied in the following order.
> llimagej2coj_bug_fixes.patch
> comment_typo.diff
> Note OPJ_limit_tags_for_decode.patch is has been obsoleted by the
> version in svn.

I got very nice results using these patches and OpenJPEG from SVN, I hope gcc4 
autovectorization and more stuff gets in. Maybe in the end it will be faster 
than Kakadu libs :)


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