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Wed Feb 21 09:11:07 PST 2007

В сообщении от 21 февраля 2007 17:38 Mike Monkowski написал(a):
> But maybe you could answer a question I've been trying to figure out
> concerning the plugin discussion here.  I can understand in a browser
> how plugins can be inserted in the stream of data and act as a filter
> for specific file types.  Would this mean that the SecondLife plugins
> would be inserted in the message stream between the client and server?
Something like that, although considerable work is needed here. For example, 
take my scanner. It queries the avatar's payment info and birth date. Now, 
when the reply arrives, the client gets a packet of the AvatarPropertiesReply 
type. A plugin would have to register itself and say "Hey, I want to know 
when one of those gets received too". Except that in the current code there 
can be only one handler per message type, so that will have to be fixed.

> Or would they work off of the local cache?  Or would they reference a
Definitely not, there's not much you could do with that and it'd be ugly too.

> class that had accessors for each of the global variables?
A bit of everything would be needed. A plugin needs to be able to tell the 
viewer that it's interested in certain types of packets. It has to be able to 
access some internal state (avatar list, say). It's got to be able to do 
things like creating windows, sending commands to the sim, etc. Quite big 
changes are needed here.

> Mike
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