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Tao Takashi tao.takashi at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 22 14:47:24 PST 2007


2007/2/22, Phoenix <phoenix at secondlife.com>:
> Howdy SL devs. I will be attending FOSDEM and would love to talk to
> the folks who have hacked on the client. I will be in the x.org room
> from 13:00 to 14:00 on Sunday and can talk about anything and
> everything about SL architecture and what we are planning to open in
> the future.
> I will also be hanging around for much of the conference other than
> (*sob*) the Friday beer event. So if you see my face, come say 'howdy.'

Cool, I also hope to be there on sunday and attending the Plone event in the
morning so I might come over later.
I haven't really hacked the client (yet) though ;-)

Hope to see you there! :-)

- Tao

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