[sldev] Generic LSL->Client Comms

Dale Glass dale at daleglass.net
Sat Feb 24 15:29:41 PST 2007

В сообщении от 25 февраля 2007 00:06 Soft Noel написал(a):
> On Sat, February 24, 2007 2:48 pm, Dale Glass wrote:
> > Obviously, my way of doing it is a hack. A quite ugly one at that.
> Actually, it's clever and I plan on stealing it for another project. :)

Just two things here:
1. If possible, use the same protocol (or bump the version number) so we don't 
end up having to make the viewer deal with 20 versions of the same stuff

2. Have in mind that the code I linked is incomplete and insecure. The viewer 
actually has no way of telling that something is being delivered with 
llOwnerSay. So the code as implemented parses any messages from objects, from 

So to close that hole, the code will have to pass the object's and the owner's 
key to the code doing the text parsing, so that they can be verified.

If you do that, I'd appreciate a patch, as I'm working on other things ATM.

> My 
> point was that yours was a solution to a different problem. #1 and #2-6 in
> your list are two different problems.
Right, the "Generic LSL->Client Comms" confused me a bit, as #2-6 is precisely 
what it makes me think of.

> Also, did I read somewhere that messaging might go TCP, and would that
> take care of #5?
Yep, that'd do nicely.
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