SV: [sldev] CMake build fails in windows VC2003 llkdu.dll missing

Suzhanna Rossini suzhanna.rossini at
Sun Aug 3 01:06:41 PDT 2008

Following the instructions outlined at the build
process with Visual Studio 2003 fails during the following step:
------ Build started: Project: copy_win_libs, Configuration: RelWithDebInfo
Win32 ------
Copying llkdu.dll
Error copying file (if different) from
Project : error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from "Copying
llkdu.dll C:/secondlife/release/indra/build-vc71/newview/RelWithDebInfo"
Build log was saved at
copy_win_libs - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)�
A search of the directories under "c:\secondlife" reveals that the file
llkdu.dll is not present. 
The asset_urls.txt file is asking for: I'm assuming this is the zip file that is supposed
to contain the precompiled libraries. There are, however, only a few fonts
in that zip file. This particular zip file is only 96KBytes long compared to, available from the wiki
source download page, which does contain llkdu.dll and is 53MBytes long.
Should I attempt to build with the libraries from the RC viewer, or is there
another set of libraries I should be getting from SVN? Any ideas? 

According to Soft Linden, llkdu.dll is not needed and can be removed from
the lib copy ruleset, that's what I did and the build runs just fine.


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