[sldev] [VWR] Heap checkers

Callum Lerwick seg at haxxed.com
Sun Aug 3 23:50:39 PDT 2008

On Thu, 2008-07-31 at 11:55 +0100, Robin Cornelius wrote:
> So the questions remain, any other good utilities that people know of,
> even platform dependent ones?, as 98% of the code is common anyway so
> an error caught somewhere is probably effecting more that one system.

gcc has 'mudflap' these days:


I played with it with OpenJPEG a bit, seems to do much the same thing as
valgrind, though IIRC it ran a bit faster. Still comes with a big
performance hit. I managed to get slviewer to build with mudflap, but
just ended up with an immense amount of bogus spew since mudflap
initially didn't work right with C++. Gcc bug #19319 claims to be fixed:


But I don't think it was in the Fedora gcc build I was using at the
time. Mudflap may or may not work with C++ now, since that was ~4 months
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