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Robin Cornelius robin.cornelius at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 11:10:21 PDT 2008

RIchard Moss wrote:
> good morning.

> 1. does anyone have the "compile the viewer from source" wiki
> project under hand ? I'd like to help there in anyway I can.

I would point you towards :-


thats about the best build instructions *IMHO* (no self interest at
all!) for the new style of building the viewer. Its not really worth
devoting much time to the old pages.

Not sure how long you have been lurking on the list but check the
archives there was a discussion about possible ways forward once the
cmake branch goes live on a release candidate. Actually that was pretty
recently. Also things were mentioned at last nights open source (Rob's
Hours) Transcript at :-


In particular robs page :-


... Heh, lots done since yesterday ;-)

Rob is trying to streamline the instructions into more offical notes via
his page above.

> 2. best people to discuss sse with, or in anyone working on this ?

Rob Lanphier (Rob Linden) is the chief herder of the open source effort
from the Labs side of the fence (but there are quite a few others
involved too), and there are quite a few lurkers on this list involved
with both the testing and debugging of the new build system from out
side linden labs and quite a few lindens who are involved with the
creation and implementation from the inside.

Also various lurkers on EFNet #opensl

Probably best communicate through this list and also attend Rob's Hours
Thursday 2pm SL TIme if you can. Where many of the "open source" lindens
also attend.


Michelle2 Zenovka

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