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Dahlia Trimble dahliatrimble at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 17:35:05 PDT 2008

Something vaguely similar to this has been demonstrated by the libopenmv
team. They used bots to echo the performance of musicians in another sim so
a wider audience could see the show. John Hurliman has a video of this on
his blog at
The SL Shakespeare Company has also conducted research along these lines.

OpenSim has an experimental feature where a region that becomes highly
loaded can be split into multiple smaller regions and each segment can then
be processed on a seperate CPU core, but I'm not certain how complete the
implementation is yet.

On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 12:14 PM, Steven Hornik <shornik at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I want to preface that I'm not a developer but lurk on this list to see
> what's happening.  I'm sure this isn't the best place to post this question
> but thought some here might be able to provide an answer or at least a
> pointer in the right direction.
> Here is the dilemma:  finite limit to how many avatars can be on one sim.
> Solution (well I don't know if this can be done and that's why I'm asking
> here): Mirrored sims, a bit of explanation, please ignore my use of
> incorrect terminology.  Let's say I have an island with objects, scripts
> etc.  That sim can "hold" roughly 60 AV's, what if I had 500 AV's that
> needed to access that sim.  What is to prevent SL from using a mirror
> image of one server that holds my island/objects/scripts and scaling it
> (as needed) depending on how many av's were trying to access that one
> location.  So I might be on the sim and interacting with 59 other AV's.
> When someone else tries to access the sim, instead of a sim full message
> they would be sent to a mirrored sim - objects/scripts would be the same and
> you would be with a different set of 59 AV's, and so on.
> Is this pie-in-the-sky?
> Thanks,
> Steven
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