[sldev] Scalable Sim Question

Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Sun Aug 10 16:22:43 PDT 2008

Lawson English wrote:
> Argent Stonecutter wrote:
>> On 2008-08-10, at 14:44, Lawson English wrote:
>>> Agent Domains have to be trusted as well. If you use their Agent 
>>> Domain, your client isn't trusted any more than grid.piratebay.org 
>>> is. So the LL asset server will treat your avatar as untrusted even 
>>> though you're a registered user.
>> A registered user of what? This has nothing to do with being a 
>> registered user or not. Agent domains need to by default NOT be 
>> trusted: if I logged in to grid.piratebay.org, I'm a registered user 
>> of piratebay.org. Not of Second Life. That's a completely separate 
>> issue from  my ability to have non-volatile inventory on the SL grid.
> Well, yes, but your avatar is already registered with SL and no doubt 
> would already be registered via the SL Agent Domain once the metaverse 
> goes live. If you then chose to login via piratebay.org, the fact that 
> your avatar is already registered with SL is trumped by the fact that 
> you're using piratebay.org as your intermediary with the SL grid. The 
> Agent Domain sets up your interface with the grid. Your avatar doesn't 
> get to talk to the grid until after the Agent Domain does so it 
> inherits the trustworthiness of the AD you are using, which replaces 
> the implicit trustworthiness of using the SL AD to get into the SL Grid.
> What I expect the SL Grid and associated asset servers to do is treat 
> you as a guest with authorization to use a certain name, if that. 
> Certainly no assets should be made available to you beyond those 
> allowed off-SL to the piratebay.org grid because once you start using 
> the piratebay grid as your proxy, there's no guarantee that you are 
> who you say you are. Pirate bay may have created a man in the middle 
> scenario where all assets  are being copied into the piratebay asset 
> server before getting passed on to you. By default all grids and all 
> Agent Domains are non-trusted, but some can obtain higher trust the 
> same way grids/regions can via certification and the like.

It's even worse than that. I wouldn't expect piratesbay.org to be 
allowed to respresent ANY avatar on the SL grid, period.


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