[sldev] Scalable Sim Question

Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Sun Aug 10 16:13:47 PDT 2008

Argent Stonecutter wrote:
> On 2008-08-10, at 14:44, Lawson English wrote:
>> Agent Domains have to be trusted as well. If you use their Agent 
>> Domain, your client isn't trusted any more than grid.piratebay.org 
>> is. So the LL asset server will treat your avatar as untrusted even 
>> though you're a registered user.
> A registered user of what? This has nothing to do with being a 
> registered user or not. Agent domains need to by default NOT be 
> trusted: if I logged in to grid.piratebay.org, I'm a registered user 
> of piratebay.org. Not of Second Life. That's a completely separate 
> issue from  my ability to have non-volatile inventory on the SL grid.
Well, yes, but your avatar is already registered with SL and no doubt 
would already be registered via the SL Agent Domain once the metaverse 
goes live. If you then chose to login via piratebay.org, the fact that 
your avatar is already registered with SL is trumped by the fact that 
you're using piratebay.org as your intermediary with the SL grid. The 
Agent Domain sets up your interface with the grid. Your avatar doesn't 
get to talk to the grid until after the Agent Domain does so it inherits 
the trustworthiness of the AD you are using, which replaces the implicit 
trustworthiness of using the SL AD to get into the SL Grid.

What I expect the SL Grid and associated asset servers to do is treat 
you as a guest with authorization to use a certain name, if that. 
Certainly no assets should be made available to you beyond those allowed 
off-SL to the piratebay.org grid because once you start using the 
piratebay grid as your proxy, there's no guarantee that you are who you 
say you are. Pirate bay may have created a man in the middle scenario 
where all assets  are being copied into the piratebay asset server 
before getting passed on to you. By default all grids and all Agent 
Domains are non-trusted, but some can obtain higher trust the same way 
grids/regions can via certification and the like.


>>> There's several possibilities:
>>> 1. Yes, it's now on an asset server in the pirate bay. The copybot 
>>> ruckus will be nothing to this.
>>> 2. You can't do that, you can't take that into your inventory. 
>>> that's the current situation.
>>> 3. No, it stays in the SL asset server but the pirate bay agent 
>>> domain can get a copy of it, but promises not to give you access to 
>>> it if you're not on the SL grid. This seems to be what you're 
>>> suggesting, and from the point of view of content creators it's 
>>> indistinguishable from #1.
>>> 4. It stays in the SL asset server and your client connects directly 
>>> to that server to manipulate it, and that access is only allowed if 
>>> you're in the SL grid subject to the SL rules. That's what I'm 
>>> suggesting.
>>> The distinction between 3 and 4 is that SL doesn't have to trust the 
>>> pirate bay grid to let you teleport into the SL grid from there. You 
>>> could have a client that does all kinds of bad things, but you don't 
>>> have the pirate bay grid effectively becoming that client for 
>>> everyone who happens to be logged into it.
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