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Dahlia Trimble dahliatrimble at gmail.com
Mon Aug 11 16:07:10 PDT 2008

Granted, it's only one possible solution that only addresses server side
load. Unfortunately, low client side FPS rates are for the most part outside
of the realm of control of the server. However, I wouldn't want to
discourage efforts to increase server capability simply because current
clients may encounter situations where they may be overloaded by a crowded
region. Technology has a habit of improving over time and I would bet that
newer viewers may become more efficient or optimized, and more powerful
display hardware will decrease in price and become more mainstream.

There are some tricks that a user can do to improve the frame rates in
crowded areas. Alt-zooming on the subject of interest can have a huge
effect. To a lesser degree, changing the graphics settings to a lower
quality level and enabling avatar imposters can make the difference between
staying in world or crashing with an overheated GPU. Perhaps someday the
viewer could adjust these settings dynamically in order to provide
acceptable frame rates for any type of content being displayed.

On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 11:20 AM, Mike Monkowski <monkowsk at watson.ibm.com>wrote:

> Dahlia Trimble wrote:
>> OpenSim has an experimental feature where a region that becomes highly
>> loaded can be split into multiple smaller regions and each segment can then
>> be processed on a seperate CPU core, but I'm not certain how complete the
>> implementation is yet.
> My experience on crowded sims has been that no only is the sim unresponsive
> to motion controls and so forth, but also the client frame rate becomes
> intolerably slow.  Splitting the sim can help with the responsiveness, but I
> suspect the frame rate will still leave it intolerable.
> Mike
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