[sldev] Scalable Sim Question

Spot spot at napalmriot.com
Thu Aug 14 04:00:41 PDT 2008

Perhaps I am unclear on the goal. I thought the entire point was to 
create grid interoperability where someone could bounce from grid to 
grid to grid if they so wished (ala first few chapters of Snowcrash with 
the 'countries' of Los Angeles).

In order to make something like that remotely viable, access should not 
be dependent on having a separate account with each grid (IMO). That is 
a barrier to entry which your average person will not cross. You will 
get grid segregation on a grand scale, and most of it would be on the 
top two or three grids. As far as inventory control is concerned, that 
is a more complicated matter, but it seems could also be managed with 
higher level agreements between grids.

Much of this stuff really falls under control of the population's 
expectations. If people are made _aware_ that assets from this grid 
can/and do exist in these other grids, then they will not have their 
expectations broken. You have your real issues with the population when 
the infrastructure allows for the unexpected.


Argent Stonecutter wrote:
> On 2008-08-12, at 23:10, Spot wrote:
>> Since we are more or less dealing with virtual 'worlds' here, doesn't 
>> it make some sense to base trust/authority on how well a particular 
>> grid is governed?
> The point I'm getting at is that you shouldn't need to trust a grid in 
> the first place, because anyone from another grid can just get a free 
> SL account anyway. Unless SL starts charging for all accounts all you 
> need to do is maintain a non-volatile local inventory so that a remote 
> account doesn't transfer anything out of the grid that a free local 
> account wouldn't.
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