[sldev] GPL issues....

Ambrosia chaosstar at gmail.com
Tue Aug 19 01:57:14 PDT 2008

> Again, and for the last time, the GPL never imposed that the binary
> and the code would be held on the same server on Internet !
> Regards,
> Henri.


>From GPL-FAQ, just noticed:


'Can I put the binaries on my Internet server and put the source on a
different Internet site?

    The GPL says you must offer access to copy the source code "from
the same place"; that is, next to the binaries. However, if you make
arrangements with another site to keep the necessary source code
available, and put a link or cross-reference to the source code next
to the binaries, we think that qualifies as "from the same place".'


The only worry they have is that if you don't make arrangements with
the other site, it might pull the source while you still provide the

So, should LL remove the appropriate source, simple don't offer the
binary anymore (or make their source available elsewhere).

Problem solved.

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