[sldev] GPL issues....

Gareth Nelson gareth at litesim.com
Tue Aug 19 02:02:48 PDT 2008

/me sighs (thought people would take the hint about killing this thread)

LL don't maintain source for the "cool viewer", only the original
unmodified viewer.
Where can I get the full source tree for the cool viewer? Henri -
please may you send me a copy if it's not available to download
without messing around with the patchsets.

On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 9:57 AM, Ambrosia <chaosstar at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Again, and for the last time, the GPL never imposed that the binary
>> and the code would be held on the same server on Internet !
>> Regards,
>> Henri.
> Agreed.
> >From GPL-FAQ, just noticed:
> ---
> 'Can I put the binaries on my Internet server and put the source on a
> different Internet site?
>    The GPL says you must offer access to copy the source code "from
> the same place"; that is, next to the binaries. However, if you make
> arrangements with another site to keep the necessary source code
> available, and put a link or cross-reference to the source code next
> to the binaries, we think that qualifies as "from the same place".'
> ---
> The only worry they have is that if you don't make arrangements with
> the other site, it might pull the source while you still provide the
> binaries.
> So, should LL remove the appropriate source, simple don't offer the
> binary anymore (or make their source available elsewhere).
> Problem solved.
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