[sldev] GPL issues....

Rob Lanphier robla at lindenlab.com
Tue Aug 19 16:16:45 PDT 2008

On 08/15/2008 05:38 AM, Gareth Nelson wrote:
> What's the word on this? Will we see active GPL enforcement from LL?

We will actively enforce the GPL.  Our legal strategy for doing this is
something we'd prefer not to discuss on a public mailing list.

As Gigs pointed out, we have a lot of code from third-party
contributors.  Since contributors retain joint copyright, they retain
the right to enforce copyright in their work, though they can't stop us
from licensing their contribution (since we also own copyright in it). 
A licensee who has a valid license from Linden Lab for a given piece of
code has a license for all of that code, regardless of whether or not
that code was originally contributed to us by a third party.  So, people
who comply with the GPL attached to Linden Lab-published code don't need
to get a separate license from third party contributors.  I'm not a
lawyer, so I can't say what rights contributors have to pursue those
that violate the GPL attached to the source code published by Linden
Lab.  However, it doesn't seem smart to me to assume Linden Lab is the
only party that can pursue you for a GPL violation.  Talk to your lawyer.

As Teravus pointed out, this isn't the best topic to discuss
indefinitely on this mailing list.  If you suspect a licensing violation
in the future, please send mail to licensing at lindenlab.com.

If you feel you have a licensing issue that is of community-wide
interest to discuss on this mailing list (including a reply on this
thread), please send a note to me first.  I'll try to give you guidance
on whether or not it is appropriate to raise on this list, and suggest
ways of keeping that conversation from dominating the list traffic like
this one has.


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