[sldev] Re: SLDev Digest, Vol 20, Issue 53

Gareth Nelson gareth at litesim.com
Mon Aug 25 02:19:15 PDT 2008

Hi prok :)

> Attaching written licenses, in the form of notecards, or links to URLs, is
> totally inadequate
I totally agree with this part.....

>, especially of the Creative Commons type, that do not
> provide a substantial foundation for commerce, because they do not enable
> copying through *purchase* but only allow copying *through attribution only*
> -- a big drag on commerce, frankly.
CC licenses are not meant for commercial content, that should be
obvious. They don't however form a "big drag on commerce" for various

> The flags have to be implemented in a mechanical way, so that they provide
> at least as much of an obstacle to raw copying as the current
> copy/mod/transfer regime does on objects.
What precisely does a "mechanical way" mean? By this I presume you
mean simply "enforced by the code", in which case I don't think
anyone's ever actually proposed permissions flags which are not
enforced - indeed such a scheme would be rather pointless.

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