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Mon Aug 25 12:12:15 PDT 2008

As has been noted before the business -- and public -- requirements for Second Life involve making a *framework for copyright to be easily followed and respected* not a replacement for copyright, which is already existing as a system in real life.

A request for mechanical, i.e. coded obstacles, to right-clicking and copying, is not a) any sort of uninformed pie-in-the-sky belief that such code can't be hacked or b) any substitute for RL legal framework.

But it *is* required as the basics. Copy/transfer/modify -- and now /crossgrid are just four basic values that need flags for 'yes/no' to make the substrate for commerce.

Creative Commons is not about commerce; it's a about a big giveaway and a big grab. Whatever its merits, it only serves as a "business model" for a minority who add something like obfuscation-through-consulting on top of it.

A separate -- but equal -- group to discuss with the Lindens the business requirements for open-sourcing and interoperability should be created, that is not overlapping with the AWG, as these debates will simply hobble the discussion that the Lindens need to have with their paying customers. People should not be endlessly heckled at office meetings and told they are stupid because "if you can see it/you can copy it". A framework needs to be designed that is not "call your lawyer" or "join the Freetard Republic".

Prokofy Neva

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