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Mon Aug 25 15:48:39 PDT 2008

Re: "This thread has been going on a really long time, on a policy rather
than strictly technical matter, without finding some constructive outlet
(e.g. JIRA feature request or specification on the wiki)".

Ok, Rob, you've made that point a number of times, the JIRA was tried, and
failed because its own author, suggesting a flag, closed it, precisely because
LL did not indicate they were prepared to put in and back up a "crossgrid" flag.
So...I fail to see the rationality of being driven back to the JIRA again on this.

The reason this debate keeps surfacing is that we really haven't had any 
clear articulation of policy from Linden Lab on what you plan to do to protect
intellectual property when opensims and their interoperability and Second Inventory-
type inventory saving become more widespread. The one blog post giving just a
sort of philosophical indication from Hamilton Linden that LL will "not allow anyone to
violation copyright," although the technical means by which that will be realized aren't

So what is the plan, Rob? Do you expect to tell everybody to tuck notecards into their
products and tell them to call their lawyers? Do you plan to stop offering the current
flawed, but basically widely viable copy/mod/transfer regime? If so, better to explain
that sooner, rather than later. When you can tell us something more 
about the *mechanical, i.e. coded implementation* of IP opportunities
advertised and provided by LL in the past, then you can dispel some of these debates.

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