[sldev] Request for help with modifying client camera behavior

SignpostMarv Martin me at signpostmarv.name
Wed Aug 27 18:26:20 PDT 2008

Vector Hastings wrote:
> That is very cool! So you're able to use the wii controller with SL! That
> seems like the cutting edge of our coming, more realistic interfacing with
> our virtual worlds.

I'd say the Wii Classic Controller is far more intuitive (and cheaper) 
than the Space Navigator. One-handed action vs two-handed action....

> I think I'd lump that in with my option 3: Record the flycam. Only you're
> innovating by putting the work outside the client.
You may want to have a look on "speed run" gaming sites to see if there 
is any existing software for this purpose.

The viewer does have a network recorder built in, but I don't think that 
affects the camera.

> Typically, we're more dominated by the actors. This domination by the actors
> is even stronger in an animation approach to SL machinima because the bvh
> files have to be authored ahead of time, and run on the avatars.
Have you looked into playing with the pupeteering branch ?

> Another potential downside might have to do with the variable frame rates
> achieved in practice. If frame-rate dips during a shoot, will the externally
> recorded data for the camera path cause the viewer camera to overshoot its
> marks? Essentially, how reproducible is an externally captured camera path?
Use OpenSim, with people logging in remotely or over a local network. 
Less likely for lagging.

> I'm not familiar with GlovePIE, but checking their website, it looks like a
> software widget to translate different kinds of input devices to different
> kinds of 3dworld inputs. Is that right? Does it have a recorder capacity?
It's primarily meant to allow a device to emulate a joystick. For 
instance, there are no native drivers for the Wiimote- according to 
Windows/OSX/*nix, it's a useless piece of bluetooth kit. GlovePIE 
understands the Wiimote (and it's related peripherals, including the 
"sensor bar"), allowing it to pass the input onto keyboard commands, 
mouse control, or a virtual joystick device such as PPJoy. In my setup, 
the Wiimote talks to GlovePIE, GlovePIE talks to PPJoy, PPJoy talks to SL.

An input recorder would likely sit between GlovePIE and PPJoy- recording 
what GlovePIE tells PPJoy, then repeating it back to PPJoy again at a 
later time.
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