[sldev] [VWR] Cmake standalone build issues

Robin Cornelius robin.cornelius at gmail.com
Sat Aug 30 07:02:08 PDT 2008

Hey Guys,

I've hit some small problems now i have come to actualy package the
viewer built with cmake. Sorry i have not brough this up sooner but i
got bogged down testing the cmake system with out debian packaging and
my RL paied job has to come as a priority.

1) The Viewer source is HARD depending on the artwork. This never use to
be the case and is a pain. There are valid reasons (such as packaging
the viewer for distros) where building with out the artwork is desired.

The only actual dependency are the character/*.xml files which the cmake
rules for newview append to the file sources. This idealy should be
optional or at least non-fatal as it undoes some of the work added to
the unix install target to cope with not having artwork present.


2) glh/glh_linear.h

This has again moved and is now included with the downloaded libs at the
start of the cmake process. This is not helpful when building
standalone. The header is not included anywhere else and does not appear
to be used by any other packages i can find within debain for example so
i really think this should included with the viewer source not appended
as a lib.

The licence for distributing the source is no more restrictive that
distributing the binary/using the header with your binary so there is no
reason why it can't be included with the main source code.

3) Ability to rename binary

The binary is hard coded to secondlife-bin this could do with being
override able from the build options, due to the old trademark issues.

4) Install

A minor issue really as i easily work around this by not installing and
staging the packaging directly from the output folders but...

It would be really good to use the cmake install target to install for
my debian packaging but i have hit a snag

I build with the following cmake options :-

-DAPP_SHARE_DIR:STRING=/usr/share/omvviewer/ \

Which does indeed place the files in the correct location (when running
make install) but what i need when building from a debian package is to
be able to add a INSTALL_PREFIX on the start which does not then upset
the APP_SHARE_DIR location which gets hardcoded into the viewer, the
idea is to be able to install into a fake root directory under :-
<working dir>/debian/<packagename>/usr/games/
<working dir>/debian/<packagename>/usr/share/omvviewer/


where <working dir> also contains indra/ doc/ scripts/ .....

then the packaging picks up the files from the staging folder and they
are in the correct place to be installed on a system.

The only way i can see to achieve this is to patch the build system as
cmake will not respect the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX if the locations are an
absolute path.

Sorry for the lengthy ramble..


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