[sldev] Question: Replacing current group chat with IRC? (Was: XMPP)

Jason Giglio gigstaggart at gmail.com
Sun Aug 31 23:44:36 PDT 2008

jwolk at lindenlab.com wrote:
> Actually let me rephrase.  Some implementations may be able to scale by
> "just throwing hardware at the problem", but that all depends on the
> details and how scalable things are.

IRC is the only system to have solved the problem of massive group chats
in a field tested way.  IRC channels with 1000 (online) people in them
are common.

IRC has very similar usage patterns to SL, massive groups, along with
one on one conversations.

The path to migrate the current system to IRC would be roughly as follows:

- Implement a server side legacy->IRC and IRC->legacy gateway that can
map groups to channels (probably the hardest part).

- Implement functionality in the client that can use either the legacy
method or connect to an IRC server and join channels corresponding to
the user's groups.

The rest is pretty straightforward.. just do a transitional period of 6
months or so, then kill the old clients.

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