[sldev] Question: Replacing current group chat with XMPP?

jwolk at lindenlab.com jwolk at lindenlab.com
Sun Aug 31 20:39:36 PDT 2008

> I am unsure what discussions have been happening, and moving to something
> standard sounds like a good idea.  I do know however that no matter what
> the implementation, there will be some amount of computation needed to
> send the IM to each user and that the total time to send an IM to N number
> of participants will always be dependent on N.
>    Now, the implementations may be fast enough that it all seems
> relatively instantaneous, but, at some amount of participants (in this
> case...some group size), there will be a measurable amount of "lag."
> Changing implementations may help remedy the situation but won't have
> "no lag" for all groups, for all time.

Actually let me rephrase.  Some implementations may be able to scale by
"just throwing hardware at the problem", but that all depends on the
details and how scalable things are.


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