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Ann Otoole missannotoole at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 2 10:11:16 PST 2008

Well Babbage Linden once had "Pathfinder" code (GNU GPL) out at his place but it appears to be gone now.

And since "Fire in Korea" is not a valid Secondlife avatar name I can't find you to send the v1.1 box I picked up when it was available.

Send me an IM in world sometime and I'll send it. Up to you to see if you can make it work.


Ann Otoole

From: Fire in Korea <fire at eslteacherlink.co.kr>

Hi everyone,

I am an educator / programmer from Vancouver living in Seoul South Korea,

Since 2007, I have been working on my island: English Village and recently, my website: http://EnglishVillage.Asia (only works in Firefox at the moment)

Anyhow, earlier this year I was working on my own bots, to do visitor counting, and basic greeting, mainly because I want to populate my island with avatar like greeters to make the place not look so empty, and also to provide students with someone they can interact with when no one else is on the island.

These days however, my time has become limited, and I can do all the programming / building / managing anymore.
So, rather than re-create the wheel, I'm trying to save some time to see if anyone has already developed the following features I need to add to my bots:

	* Obstacle Navigation Code - code so I can move avatar from a list of points having them automatically maneuvering around obstacles...

	* Animation Code  - meaning, code that can make my avatars look more lively - ie: doing animations etc
Any help would be muchly appreciate d...

Also, if you need a place to work on your bots, please let me know, i have tonnes of island space right now...



Paul 'Fire' Preibisch 
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Fire Centaur in Second Life 

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