[Ctproject] Re: [sldev] [i18n][zh-Hans]Viewer Chinese Translation - Finished!

danica at lindenlab.com danica at lindenlab.com
Fri Nov 7 19:09:42 PST 2008

Thank you for the feedback, Alyssa. We are in contact with Geneko to
hopefully accept his localization once thoroughly reviewed. I am very
excited about the prospect.
We agree with you on the zh as a language id.

Thank you again. Great to hear from you!
Best regards,
Danica Linden

> Geneko,
>> So, after almost one year, I have finished translating Second Life's
>> interface into Simplified Chinese
> Great!
>> this to be proofread and terminology checked
>> by the public
> Well, I'm not eligible to do it...  However, considering Geneko's
> activities, I believe his translation should be far better than LL
> supplied one.  (even though he could make some mistakes.)
> I hope recent LL is more open than before and takes it into account
> for integration to release viewer soon.
>> skins/default/xui/zh/
> Hmmm.  I have a small concern on the naming here.  At this moment, SL
> viewer provides just one choice for Chinese language, based on the
> LL's business/marketting strategy.  However, from a community point of
> view, we need at least two in a (hopefully near) future.  (See VWR-335
> on JIRA, for example.)
> We need to decide two names (or labels) for those two Chinese
> translations, before integrating the second one.  I'm writing this in
> response to Geneko's message, because the subject line of his mail
> contained "zh-Hans".  I object to the idea using "zh-Hans" and
> "zh-Hant" for the two Chinese translations for the viewer UI.
> # I know recent SL wiki uses zh-Hans/zh-Hant convention.  I believe
>   that's fine as long as it stays as wiki-only convention.
> I believe using just "zh" is safe, and your preview resource uses a
> label "zh".  That's fine for now.
>     Alissa Sabre
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