[sldev] [i18n] - Question about test strings

zai I_really_needed_a_new_mailbox at gmx.de
Thu Nov 13 15:53:23 PST 2008


Noelle Linden asked volunteers to have a look at CT-81
( https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/CT-81 ) in order to compile a
series of tests to check if the viewer can handle characters used in
different languages. Residents started to post such tests in the SL Wiki
( https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Localization_Functional_Tests - it's
a work in progress -> input welcome)

We're now trying to decide on TEST STRINGS for the viewer i18n. In that
context, the question arrised that if one
greek/chinese/japanese/russian/... character is working in the viewer,
it would be an indication if ALL characters of that language would be
working. It was speculative and we decided to ask the
specialists/coders... So that is you guys (^_^)
Any ideas? Should we test whole alphabets in different languages or are
one to three characters enough to indicate that the language is working
as it should?

Thx in advance for the feedback!

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