[sldev] What can we find in branches?

Christian Goetze (CG Linden) cg at lindenlab.com
Mon Nov 17 14:56:45 PST 2008

Mike Monkowski wrote:
> Christian Goetze (CG Linden) wrote:
>> I am in the process of automating the mirroring of our internal svn to
>> the public svn. The current guinea pig branch for this is
>> "opensource-drops". A side effect of this will be to eliminate the
>> numbered branches and have them be continuous logical branches. I hope
>> that the code changes for this will make it into our "trunk" within the
>> next 2 weeks and propagate to the other side branches as they sync up
>> with our trunk.
> I don't know what "continuous logical branches" means, and I'm not
> sure what an "opensource-drops" branch means.  Aren't all branches on
> the public SVN opensource drops?  Or are you referring to the packages
> that correspond to each viewer depolyed by Linden (the
> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Source_downloads )?  If the latter,
> how could they be continuous?
The "opensource-drop" branch at:


is just my guinea pig branch for testing the automated process. This
automated process will soon be applied to all published branches.

The current process is manual and executed by Soft Linden.

With continuous branches, I mean that instead of having maint-render-4,
maint-render-5, maint-render-6 etc... we will simply have
"maint-render". The numbered branches are an artifact of the way we use
subversion and are probably not very useful for external browsing.

The zipped/tarred archives will continue, except that those will also be
published automatically instead of being packed and uploaded by hand.

That's all - nothing really changes...

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