[sldev] How does LL configure their libcurl?

Brad Kittenbrink (Brad Linden) brad at lindenlab.com
Mon Nov 24 11:20:10 PST 2008

Carlo Wood wrote:
> Can someone please tell me what is the exact
> configure line LL uses for their libcurl?
This is what I found in our linux library build scripts.  Naturally it 
expects a built c-ares install already existing in PKG_INSTALL_DIR.

./configure --prefix=$PKG_INSTALL_DIR \

	--enable-http \
	--disable-ftp \
	--disable-file \
	--disable-ldap \
	--disable-dict \
	--disable-telnet \
	--disable-tftp \
	--disable-manual \
	--disable-ipv6 \
	--enable-nonblocking \
	--enable-ares=$PKG_INSTALL_DIR \
	--enable-verbose \
	--disable-cookies \

It's one of my minor goals for the rest of this quarter to get these scripts unified
across platforms and published in our external svn repository.

If people are interested, I can look into doing this in a branch in our public svn,
so people can see work in progress.


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