[sldev] stereoscopic status and Becoming Dragon, a 365 hour performance in Second Life

azdel slade secondloop at gmail.com
Sat Nov 29 19:53:13 PST 2008

hi all,

i just want to share this here, with you, because you've all helped a
lot. unfortunately, we still don't have stereo working. we've ported
the patch to maint-render-8, but we still can't get pfd_stereo when we
use choosepixelformat. the latest approach i've heard from the
programmer working on it is that he's trying an nvidia specific
library, so maybe that will help. but we'll keep you all posted. if
you have any suggestions, we'd really appreciate it, and please cc
kael.greco at gmail d0t com , since he's working on the stereo code.

anyway, here's the project i've been working on. i thought you might
like to know how second life is being used by media artists...

the full press release is here:

and here's a good article about it:

and here is a shorter version of the press release:

Becoming Dragon - a 365 hour immersive performance in Second Life
December 1-17th
Opening December 1st, 7-9pm
Daily Hours, 11am-7pm

Where: The Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA),
Atkinson Hall, Visiting Artist Lab #1613, UCSD, and in Second Life at

Contact: Micha Cárdenas, mcardenas A+ ucsd (d()t) edu
or IM Azdel Slade in Second Life

Calendar of Events throughout the performance, all times are SLT,
Second Life Time, which corresponds to Pacific Standard Time. You can
attend and participate in all of these events here:

Dec 3rd, 3pm,
Voice Chat with Sandy Stone
"Gender and Desire in Virtual Worlds"

Dec 5th, 5pm
"Something is Happening"
UCSD Symposium on Performance and Affect

Dec 8th, 6pm
Voice Chat with Stelarc
"The Body in Transmission/Transition: Learning to Live in Mixed Realities"
also streamed in Tijuana live at Lui Velazquez

Dec 10th, 2pm
Voice Chat with Brian Holmes and Rubaiyat Shatner
"Imagining New Worlds, Biopolitics and Self-Governance in SL"

Becoming Dragon is a mixed reality, durational performance in Second
Life, in CRCA's Visiting Artist Lab #1613 of the Atkinson Hall building,
on the UC San Diego campus. The opening begins at 7pm on December 1st,
2008 and the performance will run for 365 hours. The performance is
Micha Cárdenas' final MFA project.

Becoming Dragon questions the one year requirement of Real Life
Experience that transgender people must fulfill in order to receive
Gender Confirmation Surgery (Sexual Reassignment Surgery), and asks if
this could be replaced by one year of Second Life Experience to lead to
Species Reassignment Surgery. For the performance, Micha Cárdenas will
live for 365 hours immersed in Second Life with a head mounted display,
so that all she will see is Second Life, and a motion capture system to
map her movements into Second Life. The performance space will be open
to the public for the duration, during the hours that the building is
open, 9am to 7pm. During the entire duration of the performance Micha
will stay in the performance space at CRCA and in Second Life.

Becoming Dragon is receiving support from the Center for Research in
Computing and the Arts, CalIT2, University of California Institute for
Research in the Arts, Ars Virtua, the gallery at calit2, the b.a.n.g. lab
and the Embodied Cognition Lab of the cognitive Science Department.

See the performance in Second Life here:

Read Micha's live blogging from Second Life during the performance at:

[New to Second Life? Here's a link to a 'Getting Started in Second
Life' article on the virtual world's website:

Hours and Location:
CRCA, Atkinson Hall, Room 1613
Hours: 11am-7pm, Opening Dec. 1, 2008, 7pm,
Continuing for 365 hours, roughly 3 weeks

First Floor, Atkinson Hall
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA 92093
Map & Directions: http://atkinsonhall.calit2.net/directions/

Read more at:

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