[sldev] stereoscopic status and Becoming Dragon, a 365 hour performance in Second Life

Carsten Juttner carjay at gmx.net
Sun Nov 30 07:18:42 PST 2008

azdel slade wrote:
> lot. unfortunately, we still don't have stereo working. we've ported
> the patch to maint-render-8, but we still can't get pfd_stereo when we
> use choosepixelformat. the latest approach i've heard from the
> programmer working on it is that he's trying an nvidia specific
> library, so maybe that will help. but we'll keep you all posted. if
> you have any suggestions, we'd really appreciate it, and please cc


what hardware are you trying this on?

When i was working on something similar a couple of years ago the only 
NVidia hardware that supported the "true" OpenGL stereo quad buffer 
approach was the expensive Quadro range.

I'm not sure about ATi.

Apart from that you also had to enable stereo rendering in the NVidia 
control panel.

We used anaglyph rendering with some LCD shutter glasses and a huge 
Barco projector.

It worked fine, our issues were more with the slow rendering speed at 
the time.


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