[sldev] I finished VWR-14914 patch; any testers?

Aleric Inglewood aleric.inglewood at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 06:58:35 PDT 2009

Hi, I *finally* finished VWR-14914... this must have been the one that
I worked on
most time on... weeks.

If you want to test the patch, you might want to use the attached (to the jira)
VWR-14914-v3-20090806-debug.diff instead of plain VWR-14914.diff
because the first adds nice colors to the sound beacon :)

After applying this patch do View --> Beacons and only select "sound sources".

The colors have the following meaning:

    * blue: non-playing
    * cyan: non-playing / muted
    * red: playing and gain 0
    * yellow: playing with 0 < gain < 1
    * green: playing and gain 1

Yellow has a width between 1 and the beacon width that you set,
proportional to the gain.

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