[sldev] I finished VWR-14914 patch; any testers?

Melinda Green melinda at superliminal.com
Thu Aug 6 11:23:11 PDT 2009

I don't think you should change the line width as long as there is a 
user control for that. Otherwise I expect that people will report bugs 
against sound lines that don't respect the width they set. There are 
plenty of other attributes that you can modify instead. Maybe saturation 
or the spacings between dashed lines?


Aleric Inglewood wrote:
> Hi, I *finally* finished VWR-14914... this must have been the one that
> I worked on
> most time on... weeks.
> If you want to test the patch, you might want to use the attached (to the jira)
> VWR-14914-v3-20090806-debug.diff instead of plain VWR-14914.diff
> because the first adds nice colors to the sound beacon :)
> After applying this patch do View --> Beacons and only select "sound sources".
> The colors have the following meaning:
>     * blue: non-playing
>     * cyan: non-playing / muted
>     * red: playing and gain 0
>     * yellow: playing with 0 < gain < 1
>     * green: playing and gain 1
> Yellow has a width between 1 and the beacon width that you set,
> proportional to the gain.
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