[sldev] Detection of who is editing prim

EnterTheNameHere enterthenamehere at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 11:46:28 PDT 2009


I have a question, if it is possible to get the UUID or name of the 
avatar, that right clicks / edit a prim?

We play a football( soccer ) game, where the ball is scripted to say who 
clicks the ball, but avatars can still right click the ball and the ball 
stuck on place that can break an attack on goal etc.. When the avatar( 
griefer ) do it quickly I don't know a way how to detect who did it.

I was able to find out, that the server sends to the client start and 
end position of the particle beam effect so client is then able to 
render the line from avatar to the prim, but if I'm right it don't send 
the UUID / name of the avatar.
Have I to look on the start position of the beam to find out if there is 
avatar and then get his name, or is there an easier way to do it?

Thanks in advance,

EnterTheNameHere Galicia

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