[sldev] More crash rate statistics

Alex Dailey (Xan Linden) alex at lindenlab.com
Fri Aug 7 15:53:51 PDT 2009

Melinda Green wrote:
> Tillie Ariantho wrote:
>> Rob Lanphier wrote:
>>> The graph is obviously more visually appealing, but the problem is that
>>> it shows the crash rate of the viewer is that it currently shows all
>>> "Snowglobe Test Build" lumped together in a way that's not going to be
>>> entirely indicative of the problems.  Unfortunately, the tools we use to
>>> update the graph may not be flexible enough to keep rotating version
>>> numbers.
>> May I throw in that a low crashrate of a software is not a sign of a "good working product" all by itself?
>> SL currently might have only a few crashes, but ...
>> - chat/groups broken greatly
>> - pretty bad texture rezzing issues
>> - and snapshots almost unusable
>> (- add more evil bugs here from JIRA)
>> ... SL is at least for some people NOT working that well at all.
>> *I* personally could live with more crashes if I would get working snapshots and fully rezzing textures instead.
>> I am not sure what you all are working on over there at Linden Labs, as you refuse to tell anything, but at least it is not the bugs that trouble us.
>> Thank your for reading this!
>> Tillie
> Tillie,
> Snapshots work. I have noticed that they've gotten *much* slower for me 
> but just about everything works. Maybe you're talking about its 
> usability? It's not helpful to just say that something is bad without 
> saying what's bad about it and if possible, offering constructive 
> suggestions to improve it. Otherwise you're just venting, which might 
> make you feel better but is not terribly helpful or attractive.
> -Melinda
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As someone who has helped design both server and viewer crash reporting 
systems, I understand the frustration around a poor SL experience. I can 
also attest that monitoring crashes the way we do has led to radical 
improvements to simulator and viewer stability over the past few releases.

Here's a challenge to sldev. Viewer performance is complex, dependent on 
bandwidth, hardware, the content on the region, other avatars, and so 
on. What do you think a) is the one variable viewer performance should 
ultimately be measured by and b) what are, say, three predictive 
variables that influence the dependent variable. E.g. if you think 
viewer fps is the one variable we should care about, what three factors 
would you consider most important that influence that value? I realize 
this is simplistic, but I'm curious to know from your experience, how 
would you quantify viewer performance.

-Xan Linden

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