[sldev] [VWR] VWR-489 Multiple Attachments per Attachment Point.

Obsidian Kindragon Kindragon at comcast.net
Wed Aug 12 12:45:07 PDT 2009

Hey everyone,

I noticed this Feature Enhancement requesting the ability to add 
multiple attachments to the same attachment point, and someone even 
provided a small mod to the Avatar_lad.xml file that allows one to have 
3 attachments per point on the body, and even adds a few new (and long 
requested) points as well. My question is why hasn't LL added the 
support for these additional attachments into any of the official 
clients? It only requires adding the additional points to the one xml 
file and the sooner LL opts to support an extended standard the better 
or people will start assigning random numbers to various attachment 
points when they edit the file themselves.

Here's a link to the site with the mod file and instructions: 

Here are different cons and pros regarding this addition to the client 
that I've been able to see.

1. Only users with the mod / extended Avatar_lad.xml file will be able 
to see the attachments on the extended points.

This is why I feel that LL needs to add support for these extended 
attachment points now rather than later. The longer LL waits, the more 
this user-defined mod will pass around and the harder it will be for LL 
to steer users to their own extension of the attachment system.

2. Having multiple attachments to the same point allows users to further 
customize their avatars with "additions" worn on top of other attachments.

The current situation for builders is that they may want to make an item 
that uses an attachment point (e.g. "furry paw on a hand attachment 
point") but don't want to prevent their buyers from wearing a "glove" 
attachment, so the builder has to set their item to "modable" so the 
buyer can link the glove to the paw. Adding the ability to wear two 
attachments on the hand allows the builder to set the paw to "no mod" if 
desired because the buyer can just wear the glove on top of the paw 
using the second attachment point on the same hand.

This effectively would replace the need to detach, link two items 
together, and then wear the new "composite" item which requires that 
both items be modable, and preferably copiable as well.

3. Additional attachments allow griefers / abusers of attachments wear 
more heavy lag attachments.

This is already an abusable situation we have with the number of 
attachment points that currently exist. We also already have means of 
reducing this form of abuse in muting the griefer with an excessive 
number of prims/attachments and preventing the client from rendering 
their attachments. Adding more attachment points will not increase in 
the number of issues with griefing avatars wearing excessive 
attachments, it just gives more freedom for builders and users to more 
easily customize their avatars.

4. The "Attach To" option in the menus are large and overflowing with 
the mod.

This could be corrected with a future addition by adding a more logical 
and dynamic menu for choosing where to attach an object. I feel that the 
benefits adding the additional functionality before the additional UI 
improvement far outweighs the clutter.

5. The mod adds a "neck" attachment point for objects that need to move 
with the neck and not the head or torso.

This is an attachment point that was long requested by builders. Some 
avs use attachments that need to bend and move with the neck, but only 
having the torso or head to use. This resulted in either using the torso 
for neck attachments (stiff-necked avs) or the head attachment points 
which results in the neck attachment moving far off the actual neck.

6. The mod adds "script" attachment points for unseen obejcts that are 
attached just to run scripts.

This is useful for objects that have no need to be seen, but provide a 
useful function through its scripts. Translators, some AOs, typing 
overrides, hug/kiss control, etc, would all benefit from being able to 
attach to these points where they are only used for the scripts inside 
and not take up a body attachment point.

If anyone can see other pros and cons to having these additional 
attachment points, I think we'd all love to hear. And if LL is already 
working on attachment extensions, then I'm sure we'd all like to know 
what's being done in that regard. VWR-489 hasn't had any Linden 
interaction for a long time now.

- Obsidian Stormwind

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