[sldev] [VWR] VWR-489 Multiple Attachments per Attachment Point.

Stickman stickman at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 04:42:22 PDT 2009

More attachment points has been brought up before. The solution, as I
see Lindens leaning towards and as makes the most sense to me, is

*Able to attach as many attachments as desired to any given slot.
*Able to attach a maximum of 30 attachments total (which is the current maximum)

Me? I just want my missing neck attachment slot. Out of all the parts
of the avatar you can animate, the neck is the only one that's
actually missing an attachment slot. Everything else has at least one.

Also, as I've mentioned a few times already, the pectoral attachment
slots actually line up to the "abdomen" when considered for animation.
Everything I'd read in the past called the pectoral attachments
useless. That's just because they're misleadingly named.

One of the many things I'm looking forward to is improvement on the
attachment system. But like you said, it's really the Linden's call.


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