[sldev] Snowglobe Crash Logger on Windows

Matt White mwhite at leporidae.net
Sat Aug 15 07:38:02 PDT 2009


Is the crashlogger working on Windows?

Here's why I ask - the most recent Snowglobe builds have been
extremely unstable for me. (Win64) I can't make the current one go
more than a few minutes without hanging. (Snowglobe doesn't actually
crash, but the video freezes, the wind noise doesn't change... it just
hangs to the point that I have to kill the Snowglobe process in the
process manager to get control back.) Not to mention the texture
loading issues, but at least those aren't a crash.

I had been putting up with it and still using it thinking that all of
these crashes must be generating crash reports that could be useful
for trying to figure out what's happening... hoping that my pain could
help others.

Last night I finally got fed up and downloaded the release client
instead, and the first thing that I saw when I ran 1.23.4 was the
crash logger telling me that SL had crashed on a previous run... even
if it was the first time I had run 1.23.4.

It occurred to me right then that I hadn't seen the crash logger on
Snowglobe in a long time; I was assuming it was just reporting the
crashes back to LL somehow... that might have been a mistake to assume

Soo... how does this work? Is Snowglobe suppose to be sending crash
reports the same way that 1.23.4 does?

Matt White / Bunny Halberd

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