[opensource-dev] So you don't like the new TOS and wanna move to the OS grid?

Gareth Nelson gareth at garethnelson.com
Sun Apr 4 13:56:00 PDT 2010

The thing with OSGrid is that it was meant from the start to be a
public grid where anyone can link up - and so regions there could be
hosted on a 486 with 64mb of RAM (and loads of swap space on
disk......) connected through a VPN over dialup to a satellite
connection in a stormy climate for all you know.

For anything serious, it's wise to stick to the core regions which
have professional hosting arrangements (hi cari.net - remember me?) or
one of the many commercial grids cropping up. I'd ask around to find
who's hottest right now, but advise you find one with a server
development team that does their own patching of opensim, as out of
the box it can be very very buggy.

On Sun, Apr 4, 2010 at 6:55 PM, Glen Canaday <gcanaday at gmail.com> wrote:
> Mmm. There are many grids, all running different server versions. All of
> the web-related stuff like the concurrency, etc., is all client-side and
> has nothing at all to do with OpenSim. It's web data and your client
> wasn't configured to look at any other web page with that data.
> In short, it looks like what you saw was something akin to a very, very
> bad wireless connection. I used to have the same things in SL (ping
> times near 20 sec) before I replaced my wireless card. Physics engines
> don't work when you can't participate in the server frames! The
> particular grid you were on could have been served from crap hardware
> and connection. The upshot is that they could serve it at all, and that
> you could connect... but people (like me) often tend to bite off more
> than they can chew at times. You need a good machine and good
> connectivity in order to serve regions - which LL has invested *oodles*
> into.
> --GC
> On 04/04/2010 02:49 AM, Dale Mahalko wrote:
>> I just tried using the SL 1.x client with OS grid for the first time
>> this weekend. Overall the experience was plain awful, on a 10 megabit
>> internet connection and GTX 285 1024meg
>> Oddly, when giving the SL client the OSgrid URL from the command line,
>> the client login page tells me that the Second Life grid is up, and
>> the number of concurrent users in SL, etc. Why is the client not
>> telling me the status of the OSgrid instead?
>> On first login, the sim textures took forever to load. Like, after 5
>> minutes I'm still standing in a sea of gray boxes.
>> Simple physics only with the ground. All objects are phantom. I'd
>> think the OSGrid default login would want to showcase the
>> collision-resolving capabilities of the more advanced open physics
>> engines, but oh well.
>> When I search for sandboxes to try building stuff... odd, the search
>> window shows me stuff from Second Life, not the OSGrid. Most teleports
>> fail because it appears I'm getting links to SL sims that don't accept
>> connections from OSGrid. Yep, I can find the Cordova Sandbox from the
>> search page within OSGrid. (I don't think search should list sims that
>> don't accept connections.)
>> Searching for "osgrid" in the search window oddly turns up nothing.
>> How am I to find sandbox sims in OSGrid? "Oh, just open the map and
>> pick that way" someone tells me. Yeah that works well. the map shows
>> about a 10x10 grid of sims nearby, but the rest of the map doesn't
>> want to load. Timeout.
>> I did actually manage to find another OSgrid sim to connect to, but on
>> join it turned out to have a ping of 6000. (It would be useful for the
>> search page to show a graph of the sim load for the last five minutes
>> so we know if a sim is lagged out BEFORE we try teleporting.)
>> And oh joy, I can't now "teleport home" to where I started. The OSgrid
>> did something I've not seen happen on SL in a long time, where I seem
>> to still be connected but all the traffic meters in the client debug
>> (Ctrl-Shift-1) drop to 0 kbps.
>> The inventory never loaded completely, even though as a new user it's empty.
>> Relogin attempts attempting to login at the home location were just as
>> slow and unresponsive.
>> Yep, if you don't like the new SL client developer TOS, there is sure
>> a great future to look forward to with the open source grid project.
>> :-P
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