[opensource-dev] So you don't like the new TOS and wanna move to the OS grid?

Dzonatas Sol dzonatas at gmail.com
Sun Apr 4 16:50:00 PDT 2010

Client-side physics is a must have in the new features. The first 
implementation probably would be for avatar clothes, even if the physics 
stay pretty static or just not-so-fluid. Anything is better then some 
attachment that tends to eviscerate the avatar.

Don't mention client-side physics or any kind of physics prediction on 
opensim maillist. You get "colorful" remarks by the admins there. They 
seem not want any kind of physic prediction or client-side physics. It 
seems like opensim is not an option for such avatar features.

I don't mean just linear physics prediction either. I mean even the 
simple type where if objects are static (easily predictable by a 
toggle), then download the static object in bulk as a set before one 
actually arrives at a sim or is logged-in. That way there is no delay 
upon login itself or when 30+ avatars decide to join a sim all at once 
(like at world2worlds evets where the scene doesn't change).

I mentioned Burning Man event earlier on this list on how people could 
subscribe to content a week before they actually visit the sim. Anyways...

Dale Mahalko wrote:
> Simple physics only with the ground. All objects are phantom. I'd
> think the OSGrid default login would want to showcase the
> collision-resolving capabilities of the more advanced open physics
> engines, but oh well.

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